Visual Art Exhibition Programme

Local authorities may invite proposals from professional artists, curators and arts organisations to create visual artworks and submit them to be considered for public exhibition.

Carlow County Council Arts Service has a rich history in Visual Arts development spanning almost 20 years.  This began in 2000 with the Visualise Carlow programme which was a site specific temporary visual arts programme in the lead up to the Opening of VISUAL Carlow in 2008.  Each year from 2000 the Arts Service managed 3 Visualise Carlow programmes each year that included local, national and international artists coming to Carlow and responding to the place, in temporary sites, locations, shops, pop up galleries, collectives in and around Carlow Town.

Since the opening of VISUAL Carlow the Arts Service continues to support Visual Arts Development in partnership with VISUAL Carlow.

For past exhibitions and projects @ VISUAL see

For past exhibitions of Visualise Carlow please contact Sinead Dowling Arts Officer